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I've just finished reading Luca Perasi's exceptional book about Paul McCartney's solo recordings (English version). Yes this book absolutely is a journey through Paul's songs after The Beatles.
The history of all the Paul solo career’s songs, reconstructed in chronological order of recording, from "McCartney" to "New" album.
Here a conversation with Luca, Italian author, journalist, researcher and collector ...

LOVELY RITA:  Luca, this is your first book. Tell us how did you decide to work and write a book about the Paul´s discography?
LUCA PERASI: This is my first book in English language, as previously I published two books in Italian about Paul. This PAUL McCARTNEY: RECORDING SESSIONS (1969-2013) is mostly translated from the italian one, that came out first in 2012 and vastly expanded for the English version, that also includes songs form NEW.
I've always been a fan of Paul's songs and fascinated about his songwriting process. So during the years, I've collected many information in magazines, newspapers, Web and in 1999 started thinking of a book about his songs: a song-by-song one. 
During the last two years and a half, I've started thinking about a real recording sessions book and I contacted many musicians, arrangers, producers and sound engineer that worked with Paul through the years. Their recollections and memories make this book a special insight into McCartney's work. The list includes 70 persons with real prestigious names.

LR:  What was your writing process like? Did you have a routine?

LP: At first, I simply decided to follow the inspiration. I started picking up song here and there...the first one being "Another Day".

Then I organized all the information I had, searched for new ones and later fill in the gaps with my interview. Finally, all the songs have been listed in the order in which they were recorded. A huge work...but also a great fun!


LR: How did you conduct your research for this book? What were your sources?

LP: I followed a simple rule: if an information could not be verified, it was not worth being in the book. 

That's why every quote in the book has got footnotes: they're almost 900! I had tons of magazines and books and these were the first sources. Others were radio and Tv interviews where Paul spoke about his songs, then photos, albums booklets, but also unofficial and official recordings.
I re-listened to all McCartney's records to add instruments, to discover things that generally it's impossible to hear! And, last but not least, my interviews: let me tell you these are the real added value of the book, because of their historical content. 
One of the treat of the book is the "who-played-what" section for each song: you'll find amazing things. You could also discover which bass models Paul used during the session. But the book it's not too technical: it's suitable for the musician, for the fans and simply for everyone that wants to discover how Paul's songs were born and then developed in the studio.

LR: What is your Paul´s favourite song and one Paul´s favourite album?

LP: I think "Maybe i'm Amazed" represents Paul's solo career like no other. Paul's soul is in the song. My favourite album is RAM. We've got to remember that this was the first album RECORDED after The Beatles' breakup: it's so full of energy and emotion. Superb quality of the songs, arrangements and vocals.

LR: What’s next? Any plans for another book?


LP: Currently I'm promoting this volume in every possible way.

I think this Spring there could be a presentation somewhere in London, we're making arrangements with some bookstores and musicians. Last year i was invited in London by the Italian Bookshop to present the italian edition and it was a huge success: I invited engineers Tony Clark (who also wrote the foreword fot this book) and Alan O'Duffy and percussionist Maurizio Ravalico. 

The three worked with Paul and recalled many anecdotes...What a night! But two other books are in the can

LR: Thank you so much Luca for share with Beatles Magazine your fantastic book and your generosity to give me a copy

LP: Thanks so much to you. Beatles Magazine is an incredible source of news and information. I never seen anything so well organized: communication, initiatives. When I discovered it some time ago, I was astonished seeing how many people are following it... 7 million people following the pages. I said, wow, this is serious! The support you're giving me sharing the news is invaluable. It's an honor to be interviewed by you. All the best!

LR: Is a pleasure and the honour is mine, thank you again.

The book includes 70 exclusive interviews with the musicians, arrangers, producers and collaborators who worked with McCartney through the years, including Denny Seiwell, Laurence Juber, Carl Davis, Neil Dorfsman, Jerry Marotta, and Steve Holly…to name just a few. The foreword is by long-time Abbey Road Studios recording engineer Tony Clark.

The book is now available through Amazon UK, France, Spain , Holland and Germany.

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